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How Does Enhance XL work?

Medically speaking, erections occur when the corpora cavernosa muscles in the penis relax in response to mental and/or physical stimulation. This facilitates increased blood flow and creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, expanding and hardening the penis.

When sufficient blood is flowing to the corpora cavernosa, the tunica albuginea (a tough fibrous layer of connective tissue that sounds the corpora cavernosa) traps the blood, resulting in sustained rigidity.

The firmness and fullness of an erection is largely dependent on strong blood flow to the corpora cavernosa and efficient operation of the tunica albuginea.

The Enhance XL Formula

If you think you have had the best sex, hold on until you try Enhance XL

Enhance XL is a revolutionary male enhancement product that is unlike any other. This is the chief contender for those who want an optimum sexual life, turning good sex into great sex! Formulated using our technology, each pill is comprised of a proprietary blend of all-natural, carefully selected compounds and amino acids that increase nitric oxide levels in the body, thereby boosting blood flow and performance.

Enhance XL combines ingredients that will help maximize your Strength, Stamina and Performance with an increased sexual appetite and bigger, longer-lasting and more powerful erections.

The ultimate 30 day
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  • Convenient once-daily system developed by a team of medical doctors in partnership with fitness professionals
  • Exclusive formula contains a proprietary blend of 18 potent natural ingredients from around the world known to vastly increase male sex drive and physical power
  • Contains Ornithine which boosts natural male hormones
  • Contains Damiana which boosts sexual desire
  • Does not contain Yohimbine
  • No observed side effects

With regular use you may achieve:

  • Firmer and harder erections with increased blood flow to the penis*
  • More energy, strength, and stamina everyday*
  • Pumped-up vitality and stamina in bed by boosting your body’s energy level for performances that last*
  • Increased sexual appetite: Restores sexual libido to increase sexual desire and achieve firmer erections*
  • Improved health of sexual organs and overall body function*

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Believe it or not, our groundbreaking product was actually discovered by accident. A professional rodeo rider, who prefers anonymity, wanted to charge up his game in the ring and developed this formula to enhance his athletic performance.

Shortly after taking this formula, he noticed remarkable improvements, not only during rodeo competitions, but also when he mounts up in the bedroom! It wasn’t long before the secret got out, and now Enhance XL is available to men (and their grateful ladies) everywhere.

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